Self-Confidence, Stress & Success

Richard Hull, Director, Talk The Talk

Recent research by both Barnardo’s and Prince’s Trust has revealed that young people are feeling anxious, daunted and their self-confidence is at its lowest ebb.
Barnardo’s research reports that –
88% of young people in the UK ‘lack confidence’ and ‘doubt that they will succeed in life’.
65% of the young people said that they felt unsupported by the adults in their life, which has a direct impact on their self-belief.
96% of 11-18 year olds in Wales doubt that they will succeed in life.
40% of young people in Wales feel that nobody in their life “believes in them” – with this area suffering from a greater lack of confidence than any other group in the UK.
Prince’s Trust polling of 2,215 16-25 year olds reports that –
58% of those asked said that political events had made them fearfor their futures.
41% are more anxious than a year ago.28% felt out of control of their lives.
12% said they did not know anyone who really cared about them45% were stressed about body image37% worried about coping at work or school.
Confidence levels were lowest among those who felt out of control, with almost two-thirds of this group blaming lack of self-confidence for holding them back.
It’s shocking how many feel so desperate about their situation and it is vital that we support them to develop the confidence and coping skills they need to support in life. Now, more than ever, we must work together to provide the support and opportunities they need to unlock a brighter future.
Dame Martina Milburn – Chief Executive, Prince’s Trust
The Talk The Talk Confident Communication for Life programme works to ensure that no young person’s future is limited by a reluctance or fear of communicating with others in all manner of life situations.

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