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Talk About Communication

Years 5-13 - Full Day Workshop

Prepare your students to deliver structured individual presentations for school, exams and the workplace

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Are your students confident communicators?

Talk About Communication is a fast-paced and engaging confident communication workshop that develops students’ oracy skills and spoken confidence. Students will explore different modes of communication, develop effective use of structuring in short talks and presentations and apply persuasive language techniques to get their message across confidently and effectively. Students will also be well prepared for English Speaking and Listening assessments.

This workshop can support the Gatsby Benchmarks by helping you to address the needs of each pupil (3) and linking curriculum learning to careers (4). This workshop can also form part of a stable careers programme (1).

England – supports the National Curriculum Spoken English for Key Stage 3 and Spoken Language and Citizenship for Key Stage 4

Wales – supports the Literacy & Numeracy Framework for years 7 – 11

Post-16 – supports the development of students’ character, broader skills and confidence as part of your 16-19 study programme

This workshop meets the requirements for Impact Level 4 by The Skills Builder Partnership.


Workshop Aims
  • Speaking confidently and persuasively
  • Preparing for speaking and listening assessments
  • Providing the tools to structure talks and essays
  • Practising impromptu speaking
  • Expressing ideas and keeping to the point

What does this workshop involve?

This is a full day workshop supporting students from years 5 through to 13. Within this workshop each student will speak in front of their peers, a minimum of three times, while learning core components around visual, vocal and verbal communication.

In addition, these sessions will provide students with core speaking and listening skills, which can be used in all lessons across the curriculum.

During the workshop students will:

  • Create a personalised talk topic generator
  • Talk about their own confidence levels when speaking in front of others
  • Study and apply the different modes of human communication
  • Deliver a structured talk about a peer using persuasive techniques
  • Deliver impromptu talks on a variety of topics with a transferable structure
  • Identify their individual passions and opinions to then structure and deliver a presentation without notes to their peers

Case Study - Lathom High School

Students Reported Feeling...

More confident when communicating
More confident when talking about their life experiences
Better equipped with the skills for confident communication

What students say about Talk About Communication

“The day increased people’s confidence. I saw some members of my class, who had been reluctant to speak, become empowered to do so. It was great to see members of our class developing a real positivity for talking to other people. The sessions were very practical and helped us to prepare for our English speech.”


What staff say about Talk The Talk…

“As a school, we are indebted to the Talk The Talk team for their work with our students and our staff. The work with students enabled individuals to grow in confidence in a very short space of time and be proud of their successes. Our staff found the CPD session to be extremely valuable as they were able to share experiences and explore the value of talk.”

Jane Galbraith – Headteacher
Paul Livesley – Deputy Headteacher

Ongoing Support

At the end of the workshop Talk The Talk’s support doesn’t end. Our resources section includes free videos, lesson plans and classroom resources so you can continue to build on what we have started. This allows you to continue to boost communication opportunities and ensure that strong oracy skills are embedded within the mindsets of your students.


“Wow! Yet another outstanding day delivered by Talk The Talk. Never tire of seeing these confident young adults standing up and talking about something that matters to them!”

Our Lady & St John Catholic College,

“A well delivered session that has visibly improved my tutor group’s confidence. Students went home buzzing at the end of their first day at school. We have booked the sessions again for next year.”

Dorcan Academy,

“Have to say, if anyone had told me at the start of the day, that the students would produce speeches of the quality they did, just five hours later, I’d have said they were delusional…! Phenomenal results!”

Langley Grammar School,

“Lovely manner with the students, building their confidence and resilience effectively. Students engaged in all activities and a positive learning environment throughout.”

Newall Green High School,

“The training was perfectly pitched for the age of our students and it enabled all students to progress significantly with their ability to construct and present to an audience effectively. Everyone from the most confident through to the most anxious absolutely thrived.”

Glenmoor and Winton Academies,

“Students are highly engaged and are learning a lot of good skills. Pace is good and the sessions progress well. The trainer is obviously vastly experienced with training school children. Excellent!”

Prendergast Ladywell School,

“The CPD delivered was outstanding. Many teachers felt it was one of the best inset days we’ve had and they feel great motivation as a result of the tips and guidance.”

Ladybridge High School,