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Are you an oracy role model for your students?

Talk The Talk’s Teacher CPD supports teachers to develop the skills to use oracy as a major tool in their teaching. Oracy is a powerful tool – not just for English Speaking and Listening – but across all subjects in terms of improving student engagement, developing classroom discussion and immediately assessing whether learning has taken place.

Workshop Aims
  • Modelling positive oracy
  • Establishing oracy success criteria
  • Utilising oracy structures
  • Building oracy into teaching
  • Using oracy to differentiate

What does this workshop involve?

This is a dynamic CPD workshop led by senior trainers who are also experienced former teachers. This is a hands-on, practical session.

For inset days, Talk The Talk runs an additional workshop with senior leadership teams on the implementation and embedding of your oracy strategy in school.

During the workshop teachers will:

  • Examine the success criteria of what ‘good’ oracy looks like
  • Explore positive modes of communication and the impact on classroom and whole school oracy
  • Support teachers to implement oracy structures to support students with storytelling and expressing opinions
  • Discuss the use of talk topics, prompts and starters as appropriate catalysts for differentiation in the classroom
  • Take away simple strategies and techniques to improve listening, questioning and all things oracy

Case Study - Ormiston Academies Trust

“I loved today. The training was very hands on and it will certainly make an impact’

“Such an engaging session! I’m excited to get back to school and get our students communicating! I know there are lots of staff who would join me in this.”

“Excellent perspective taken from understanding the pupils’ situations and techniques and strategies to encourage debate.”

“Really useful, practical and easy to make relevant to our Academy’s context.”

“Excellent workshop – full of humour. Lots of ideas for developing oracy skils within school.”

 “The session was highly engaging and informative – I feel crammed full of exciting new classroom ideas and helpful tips for tackling anxieties about public speaking.”

“Excellent!! Fantastic session – lots of ideas and very engaging.”

“Training was extremely helpful and gave specific strategies to teach how to speak publicly and raise pupil confidence.”

Access your Free Resources!

Talk The Talk's support doesn't end with our workshops. We have free resources that include videos, lesson plans and classroom resources that can be used to continue and progress your oracy strategy after the workshops. Our follow-up lessons are full of individual, pair and group activities that will help your school to embed oracy across your curriculum and prepare your students for oral assessments, interviews and presentations. Each follow-up lesson can be delivered during form or class time and consist of a Powerpoint or QuickTime movie, a lesson plan and teacher notes.


“Wow! Yet another outstanding day delivered by Talk The Talk. Never tire of seeing these confident young adults standing up and talking about something that matters to them!”

Our Lady & St John Catholic College,

“A well delivered session that has visibly improved my tutor group’s confidence. Students went home buzzing at the end of their first day at school. We have booked the sessions again for next year.”

Dorcan Academy,

“Have to say, if anyone had told me at the start of the day, that the students would produce speeches of the quality they did, just five hours later, I’d have said they were delusional…! Phenomenal results!”

Langley Grammar School,

“Lovely manner with the students, building their confidence and resilience effectively. Students engaged in all activities and a positive learning environment throughout.”

Newall Green High School,

“The training was perfectly pitched for the age of our students and it enabled all students to progress significantly with their ability to construct and present to an audience effectively. Everyone from the most confident through to the most anxious absolutely thrived.”

Glenmoor and Winton Academies,

“Students are highly engaged and are learning a lot of good skills. Pace is good and the sessions progress well. The trainer is obviously vastly experienced with training school children. Excellent!”

Prendergast Ladywell School,

“The CPD delivered was outstanding. Many teachers felt it was one of the best inset days we’ve had and they feel great motivation as a result of the tips and guidance.”

Ladybridge High School,