Communication Workshops for hire

About us

Supporting young people to become confident communicators for life

Who we are

We are one of England and Wales most popular providers of oracy intervention, working directly with over 190,000 secondary school students and delivering over 7600 workshops.

Set up in 2013 by John Bothamley, founder of grant making trust Four Acre Trust, John was concerned that many children were unable to communicate confidently. He established Talk The Talk, inspiring children to listen, speak up and express themselves verbally.

In 2019 Talk The Talk became its own charity and has since gone from strength to strength!

Why we are here

We are on a mission to inspire all young people to become confident communicators for life! By enabling a student to find their voice and use it confidently we are shaping the leaders of the future; young people that will bring people together for a common cause, contribute to building their communities and support the growth and development of a stronger society.

What we do

We work with teachers and schools to provide young people with the skills to communicate with confidence through a variety of oracy workshops to address key employability challenges, improve self-esteem and enable students to engage with others confidently and persuasively.

The workshops we deliver enable young people to benefit from specialist, high quality oracy development, supporting them to communicate both skillfully and confidently. Our workshops empower young people to raise their self-confidence, social aspirations and ultimately contribute towards reducing the gap of social disadvantage.

Our Values

● Integrity & Respect – we treat everyone we work with, with integrity and respect.
● Collaboration – we always aim to work in a collaborative way and develop strong, long-term partnerships.
● Excellence – we always aim to provide excellence in what we do to ensure the highest quality of work.
● Impact – we continually monitor what we do to create the most impact from the work we do from the resources available to us.
● Aspiration – we aspire to be the best at all we do and especially when developing confidence communication for young people.

Talk The Talk are recruiting. Click here for more information if you are interested in becoming a Talk The Talk Trainer.