Testimonials - East of England

Read our latest testimonials from schools and academic bodies based in the East of England. We have readily-available reviews about our workshops from schools right across the country.

A brilliant and well thought out workshop was delivered today to aid confident communication with a group of our Year 11 students. Talk About The Future helped students recognise and communicate their experiences at this important time of transition. The trainer was fantastic with the students and the workbooks will be a valuable reference in the future.
Katharine Link, Head of Careers,
Rickmansworth School, Hertfordshire
As a school we had decided that Oracy was a focus and a priority for our students. We wanted to equip them with a narrative and a reference for speaking in front of others and we wanted the staff to have the knowledge and the passion to help them flourish. Then Covid hit!

We could have deferred or cancelled but decided that we would push ahead and Talk the Talk were very supportive and flexible and worked with us to adhere to our COVID risk assessment. The communication before the event was excellent and the paperwork was straightforward yet thorough.

The day was fantastic- the students were fully engaged throughout the whole day and our staff were so impressed with the quality and the stamina of the trainers! They were professional, well prepared, adaptable and our students responded brilliantly to their techniques and training.
Helen Fay, Vice Principal ,
Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Luton
The training was excellent and very interesting. It has equipped me with tools to encourage students to talk and reflect.
Mr Zianne, EAL Coordinator,
Challney Boys School
Very well structured and delivered. Practical elements were very useful. I particularly like the PEEEP structure which I can see a definite use for in the classroom.
Mark Mailer, Assistant Headteacher,
Challney Boys School
A really good engaging and interactive session which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students and of real benefit to them.
Andrew Michalski, Assistant Director,
Watford UTC, Hertfordshire
Thank you so much for the wonderful workshops that your trainers facilitated yesterday at Parmiter's School. The feedback from the staff and the students involved has been incredibly positive and there is a real buzz amongst the Year 10 classes today, with lots of them talking about the work that they completed.

The trainers did an incredible job of maintaining the interest and enthusiasm of the students throughout the day and encouraging those who were quite clearly out of their comfort zone to speak up and get involved. It was lovely to see some of my really shy students standing up and giving a presentation; prior to the workshop, I do not think that they would have been willing to do this.

It is always a pleasure to have you in school. Please do pass on our thanks to all of the team involved.
Sarah Murray, Head of English,
Parmiter’s School
The skills were all clearly explained and accessible to all students. It was incredible to watch the confidence of the students grow over the course of the workshop.
Sarah Moss, English Teacher,
Watford UTC
The progress I saw the students make in less than three hours was amazing. In ‘top set’ they were much more aware of their strengths and what to do to improve further. The trainer gave some really useful hints and tips about tone, use of voice, how to generate interest, position and using threes. Her praise and ability to get the best out of the girls was to be commended. No matter what she herself was feeling she just kept smiling. That made the students feel much more comfortable and confident to take risks. All the feedback from staff and students was very positive.
Janet Davis, Assistant Headteacher,
Challney High School for Girls
Pupils very responsive and clearly enjoying using their newly acquired skills. Even the shyest pupils made a presentation in front of their peers. What a success!
Mrs N Chauhan, Head of Geography,
Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Luton
The training was excellent and very relevant. For what can often be a threatening activity the students engaged immediately. It was well paced and graduated and the activities were accessible to all. Even our most shy and reluctant were able and to take part. There was a lot of helpful and structured criticism for the students to act upon immediately.
Anna Gilby, Teacher,
Rickmansworth School
It was a pleasure to take part in the day. The atmosphere was electric when we spoke about Enrichment the next day in form time! From a Tutor's perspective it was enlightening to see (through their speeches) the issues that my students genuinely value and show concern for, beyond our day to day interactions.

The experience will help me to personalise our form time, to explore topics that they are most interested in and hopefully encourage them to exercise some of the practical skills that they've learnt too. It was clearly worthwhile to give them this opportunity! Thank you again and hope to see you next year.
Lucy Johns, Year 8 Form Tutor,
Rickmansworth School
Really impressed with the speeches given by some of our vulnerable students – especially in front of others!
Rachel Dawson, SENCO,
East Norfolk Sixth Form College
Engaging, well set up and of real value.
Jan Stevens, Deputy Headteacher,
Parmiter’s School
Students were engaged. Clear presentation. Useful resources and clear instructions. Students felt valued, their opinions counted. More workshops throughout the year please.
Mr Fanyo, Mathematics Teacher,
Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Luton
Lively, engaging, useful. All trainers interacted extremely well with the students and staff. Challenging and informative throughout.
Wendy Rowlands, Head of Sixth Form,
Parmiter’s School