Testimonials - East Midlands

Read our latest testimonials from schools and academic bodies based in the East Midlands. We have readily-available reviews about our workshops from schools right across the country.

I was very impressed with the training received. The trainer built up an excellent rapport with the students and managed some challenging behaviour really well. I thought the content both relevant and engaging. The students all enjoyed and learned from it.
Guilsborough Academy
Excellent trainer who dealt well with the class. Excellent points were introduced, practiced and reinforced. A positive experience.
Jinny Bell, 2nd in Science,
Guilsborough Academy
Received well. Confidence of class grew all the time. Comfort zones thoroughly stretched. Was engaging and well planned out.
Michael Simpson, Associate Teacher,
Guilsborough Academy
The trainer had a great rapport with the students. He made them feel relaxed but naturally encouraged them. The class responded really well to his friendliness and professionalism.
Catherine Ayrton, Year 7 tutor,
Guilsborough Academy
Really effective session, delivered by such engaging experts. Students were completely engaged and were focused on their learning. They gained an awful lot of confidence through the process.
Saier Zhang, English Teacher,
Alderman White School
Students really engaged, especially for the tongue twister game! Very relevant content and the trainer was such a clear communicator. Very valuable and enjoyable.
Josh Hammond, Teacher,
Babington Academy
Well resourced and high quality delivery. Delivered with exceptional confidence, differentiation and a personable approach. The trainer had great patience, humility and determination to get even our most vulnerable learners to progress. A pleasure to be part of!
Jo Walker, English Teacher,
Bluecoat Aspley Academy
The students confidence grew throughout the day. Activities built towards the final speeches - and they were great to see. Really impressive.
Miriam Noades, English Teacher,
Bramcote College
The student benfitted immensely, both in terms of oracy techniques and confidence. The trainer teased out the best of each student - excellent!
Arjuna Weerasoon, Maths Teacher,
Da Vinci Academy
Very engaging for students amd staff! Got everyone involved in enjoyable and relevant activities. Definitely improved the confidence of our students.
Shanice Whitby, Teaching Assistant,
Da Vinci Academy
A great day. We really enjoyed it, thank you. Loved how the students were eased into it. The games were relevant, and a lot of fun too!
Joseph Flemming, Teacher,
Kirk Hallam Community Academy
Today was an absolute privilege. The trainer facilitated such a phenomenal session. I have learned so much and my students have quite simply astounded me. Thank you for empowering pupils to the position they found themselves in today.
Danielle Harrison, Head of English,
Kirk Hallam Community Academy
A brilliant day! - The progress of students was shown in their wonderful speeches. The activities throughout developed confidence and ability to deliver an effective speech.
Laura Grimmer, English Teacher,
Kirk Hallam Community Academy
Excellent! Students were engaged and their confidence blossomed.
N. Green, Teacher,
Nottingham Girls' Academy
Training was thoroughly enjoyable to watch and I could see clearly the positive impact upon the students.
Arvyn Braich, English Teacher,
Park Vale Academy
A really engaging, motivating and supportive trainer. Built an excellent rapport with all students in a short space of time. Clear progress made and an invaluable experience for all students.
Leanne Brown, English Teacher,
Park Vale Academy
An exceptional day -inspiring both my students and myself about the potential they have and how they can overcome fear and lack of confidence when speaking in front of others. I genuinely think that the session was excellent in every way and students were engaged from start to finish.
Matt Stennett, Teacher,
Shirebrook Academy
Fabulous session! Really informative and has built so much confidence in the students.
Christopher Capon, Teacher,
The Bolsover School
The training was excellent. All students took active part and I truly believe they gained so much from it. I strongly recommend this!
W. Ayub, Student Support Mentor,
The Nottingham Emmanuel School
Very engaging. Pupils were active all day. The trainer was excellent and taught pupils different ways to communicate with others.
Kathryn Fawkes, Head of P.E.,
The Oakwood Academy
Really good session - engaging the students and helping them to communicate with confidence.
T. Wagg, English Teacher,
William Allitt School
It has been brilliant to see my students step out of their comfort zones and exceed their own expectations. We have been made very proud today and thank the trainer for his patience and understanding.
Carolyn Wood, Head of English,
Kingswood Secondary Academy
Really interesting and beneficial. Students now well aware of the importance of communication in both school and everyday life and of how transferable these skills are. All students engaged throughout.
A Jefferies, Teacher of PE,
Guilsborough Academy
Excellent structure and delivery of the whole day workshop on communication. A very engaging and energetic day which the students loved. I couldn’t fault any part of the day.
Matthew Jackson, English Teacher,
Guilsborough Academy
Excellent, informative, great activities. Very clear communication, fantastic relationship with the students. A great day. Thank you!
John McAffee, Assistant Principal,
Silverstone UTC
An excellent, interactive and well delivered session. Great benefit to students and excellent engagement. Definitely needs to be a permanent fixture on the school calendar.
Stephen Acquah, Teacher,
Bluecoat Aspley Academy
Fantastic rapport with the students - they really started to rely on the trainer and each other. Great challenging of student assumptions and misconceptions. Excellent presence.
Shannon Kiernan, Teacher,
Bluecoat Aspley Academy
An engaging and informative session delivered with enthusiasm and passion. The students gained a number of vital life skills which I'm sure will benefit them.
Adam Case, Head of Department,
Shirebrook Academy
Very enthusiastic and engaging with the students, made effort to get to know their names and interests - brill!
Alastair Brown, Head of Geography,
The Bolsover School
A very productive day for the students. It was good to see their confidence grow and how they started to open up. The trainer built up a great relationship with them.
Michele Smith, Head of Sixth Form,
The Ferrers School
Engaging use of active/movement/drama techniques to energise the students. I also liked the way the trainer highlighted positive mindset. The 5 S’s are memorable and the ‘mock interviews’ were very beneficial to the students. I liked that every student MUST feedback in front of everyone else.
Helen Jones, Careers Leader,
Silverstone UTC