Testimonials - West Midlands

Read our latest testimonials from schools and academic bodies based in the West Midlands. We have readily-available reviews about our workshops from schools right across the country.

The difference between the students at the beginning and at the end of the session was amazing. From being reserved, to openly discussing and contributing amongst the group. Lovely to see their self-confidence grow in such a short space of time.
Nicola Sumner, Teacher,
Meole Brace School
As always, inspirational. The trainer has a way of opening up the shyest of students to build their confidence in baby steps. Fantastic!
Rebecca Lelli, English Teacher,
Telford Langley and Telford Park Schools
It is days like yesterday which allow our students to realise the importance of confident communication skills and enables them to express themselves in ways which they may not have felt able to before.

My staff have fed back to me that a number of students who were resistant at the beginning made huge progress throughout the day and that it was wonderful to watch the final presentations and see many conquer their fears.

We will certainly make use of the follow up lessons and I will be sending letters home to the parents of the students who your team have nominated as most improved and best speaker of the day.

I would most definitely like to work with you again. Once again, a thank you to your trainers for their work on the day – hopefully we will be able to work with them again next year!
Sam Morris, Head of English,
Ercall Wood Technology College
Lots of clear structured communication. The leaps in confidence that students made across the day were amazing. I am in awe!
Louise Tarring, Head of English,
Aylestone School, Herefordshire
Excellent quality – energy and pace of the trainer was impressive. High levels of engagement from the students.
Emma Hennessy, Head of English,
Lacon Childe School
Very encouraging and motivating with great class control. Assertive and calm and fun.
Michelle Jones, Upper School Lead,
Steiner Academy Hereford
Excellent training. Superb progress - and the students also felt they made great progress! The trainer led the group kindly and fairly, inspiring and motivating at all times.

Great progress using the student workbooks, PEEEP, the ‘tick’ – but most importantly the trainer’s great experience at dealing with groups. With the GCSE Edexcel English Language paper 2 featuring the writing of a speech Talk The Talk prepares students brilliantly for this with speech structure and writing.
Phillip Preston, English Teacher,
Wigmore School
Really good engagement with students resulting in increased trust in themselves and the group. Will definitely repeat!
Susan Irons, Assistant Head of Year,
Birches Head Academy
Positive encouragement for all pupils. The training engaged all ability pupils. Well structured, clear and interesting content.
J. Walker, Form Tutor,
Penkridge Middle School
Really good session today. Well differentiated to meet individual needs as well as developing a sense of teamwork in the group.
Jessica Devine, English,
Nicholas Chamberlaine School
Great employability skills – adapted to the needs of the students… a very useful event for the vast majority of our students who grew in their ability to present; it has reconfirmed our commitment to develop the oracy of our young engineers.
Kerry Hall, Assistant Principal,
WMG Academy for Young Engineers Coventry
Really useful day that the pupils will get a lot out of and use in future lessons/exams/life situations. Thank you for helping to deliver a difficult topic!
Adele Stonier, Media Studies teacher,
Haywood Academy
Engaging and enjoyable. All students participated and had a productive day. Excellent trainer with great leadership skills.
Emma Bowler, Head of English,
St Peter’s Academy
The training received today was exceptional. Our Y8/9 students were chosen for specific academic and social reasons and the training brought out the best in them.
Susan Owen, SENCO,
Blythe Bridge High School
Some wonderful discussion and guidance in a challenging group. Well-structured and delivered. Wholeheartedly encouraging. Fabulous.
Alex Town, English Teacher,
Myton School
I could see clearly that the students had all made excellent progress in their speaking and listening skills over the day. Students usually introverted presented confidently and independently.
L. Larvin, Head of English,
Saint John Wall Catholic School
Really positive atmosphere in room. All joining in (even those who are normally reluctant to speak).The trainer built up a good relationship with all students and supported speakers to develop skills.
Nigel O’Neil, Deputy Headteacher,
Aylestone School, Herefordshire
The trainer provided an excellent session that was high on student interest and engagement. The tasks set were challenging and articulated the learning objectives perfectly.
Graham Quirk, Acting Head of English,
Walsall Academy
Really great to see students participating in the array of activities in today’s session – especially when it all starts to make sense to them! The trainer was really engaging and having his time and expertise to focus on being a better communicator and to present themselves in a positive manner will be invaluable to them in the future.
Danielle Cornell, Teacher of Art,
Thomas Alleyne’s School
Thank you! The students really enjoyed this and I believe it will make a difference! Wonderfully engaging and thoughtful with real purpose and made the ‘bigger picture’ clear to students. They were all able to contribute because they felt safe and supported. Pupils were given time to reflect and express their thoughts confidently.
Tara Jones, Assistant Headteacher,
Redhill School, Dudley
I felt there was a real buzz around school today with our Year 10s. I was surprised to observe some students out front and talking confidently – some would not usually think they were able. The trainers were unafraid to challenge students – but in a supportive, non-threatening way.
Lauren Wagstaff, Director Key Stage 4,
The Hart School
Lovely relationship established. Clear Instructions and clear feedback given following the mock interviews.
Alison Robinson, Creative Arts Subject Lead,
Bishop’s Castle Community College
The training was well received and delivery was helpful and informative for our students. Learning outcomes were met and everyone got involved – Excellent!
Bishop’s Castle Community College
Excellent training. Trainer was clearly experienced, engaged students and was passionate about the content discussed. Was also able to calm situations where students were nervous.
Lyndsey Samuel, Head of Psychology,
Walsall Academy
Gave the pupils the confidence to believe in themselves and think about their futures.
D. Forde, Teacher,
Saint John Wall Catholic School
Great interaction between the trainer and pupils and allowing them to share experiences. The resources were very good for pupils and presented variety for them.

Training day was very informative and professionally presented. Lots of useful and relevant information.

Very enthusiastic. Pupils engaged with really good interviews and questions asked. Great answers developed from student interviewees.
Various Teachers,
St. John Wall Catholic School