Testimonials - Wales

Read our latest testimonials from schools and academic bodies based in Wales. We have readily-available reviews about our workshops from schools right across the country. Please click here to return to the root testimonial page.

From the outset the trainer engaged the students and made the content both pertinent and interesting. He has time for all the students in a large group of thirty of them! There was a definite sense of progress being made by all the students in the group. The students had a fantastic experience.
Ysgol Rhosnesni
A very productive day. There was the opportunity for pupils to participate in a different activity - very valuable in particular after lockdown. It allowed our pupils to develop skills not normally used in lessons. A very enjoyable day - pupils have really enjoyed the workshop. Thank you.
Owen Thomas, Deputy Headteacher ,
Ysgol Maes Garmon
Worked collaboratively and engaged well with the students. Provided an interesting and resourceful variation of tasks which kept all the students on task consistently. Extensive student reflection and contribution in turn. Students responded well with excellent participation.
Argoed High School
A fantastic day well-delivered by the trainer. As the Head of Year 12, it’s been a pleasure to see the confidence of our pupils improve and to such a high standard within just 5 hours. Our pupils are happier, more relaxed and have even asked when we are doing more work with Talk The Talk. An extremely worthwhile and valuable workshop for KS5 students.
Sian Jenkins, Head of Year 12,
Ysgol Gwent Is Coed
I have only been Headteacher at Castell Alun for 6 months, but have seen 'Talk The Talk' working in my previous school. In my opinion it was one of the best learning activities that students will receive whilst attending school. My own children were fortunate to have experienced 'Talk The Talk' and they remember it fondly. Those so called 'softer skills' are integral and the foundations of successful behaviours.
The student workshops are also a staff training opportunity; our teachers gain so much from the experience. The skills and techniques they pick up alters their approach and pedagogy techniques. It really is a 'win win.' You have an excellent team of experts that certainly make a difference.
Keep doing what you are doing.
Colin Ellis, Headteacher,
Castel Alun High School
Each session throughout the day was excellent, engaging and well-delivered by the trainer. It was great to see all pupils grow in confidence throughout the day, ending with the delivery of their presentations. All students loved the day and developed their skills for English and for life in general. Thank you.
Mrs Davies, Teacher,
St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican High School
It was brilliantly pitched to the pupils’ levels. The trainer engaged and motivated them throughout. It was lovely to see the pupils develop their confidence when speaking. Thank you for an inspirational workshop!
Helen Haverfield, Head of English,
Christ The Word Catholic School
The trainer was fantastic. The students engaged well with her. Even normally shy students were enthusiastic!
Naomi Walker, English Teacher,
Llantwit Major School
This was a hugely beneficial day for the pupils (and me as their form tutor). The environment created was safe for the pupils to express what they wanted to. Furthermore, it was good for everyone to have the opportunity to talk as all too often individuals monopolise discussions
LW Dunn, Y7 Form Tutor,
Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn
Great to see the whole class participating in one way or another. There was a supportive and safe atmosphere which led to a lovely growth in confidence
Catrin Junes, Drama Leader,
Ysgol Gwent Is Coed
Hugely enjoyable and engaging, with so many practical applications. It was good to see so many participants' confidence increasing during the course of just one afternoon.
Eva John, Strategic Advisor-English and Literacy,
Excellent, well-paced afternoon. Made all the ‘creeping dread’ activities as comfortable as possible.
Tanya Griffiths,
Ysgol Bro Gwaun
Enjoyable sessions with helpful information and practical advice. Good interactive tasks to help overcome the fear of talking in front of peers that showed clear results. Fun!
H. Weatherburn,
Sir Thomas Picton
Good fun! The session was fun throughout. One of the most enjoyable training sessions I have experienced in years. The time flew by!’
Duncan Jones, ICT Teacher,
Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Gwynnedd
The trainer maintained a positive atmosphere and enthusiasm. Demonstrated and modelled behaviour/techniques. Useful 5 step approach – thought this was especially good for encouraging verbal responses from pupils.
Kate Beard, English Teacher,
Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Gwynnedd
Breaking down the ‘modes of communication’ to focus on visual/vocal/verbal was a powerful tool for evaluating the way we interact with learners. PEEEP is powerful, and also simple – just what is needed.
Sara Maynard, Head of English,
Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Gwynnedd
The course was presented extremely well. All the skills the trainer presented have given me a lot to think about and to deliver to my pupils. It has made me think more about those individuals who are not so prominent in the classroom.
Bry Williams, Head of PE,
Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Gwynnedd
A great approach to tackling confidence issues. The interaction helped a lot to make us think about how pupils feel when asked to contribute in the classroom. The importance of visual, vocal and verbal communication was reinforced at the appropriate time just before term started.
Anwen Puw, Science Teacher,
Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Gwynnedd
The training was really informative and engaging. It was full of tips and reminders and delivered in a very humorous fashion. Very good ideas to try in the classroom. I could listen to him teach me every day!
Sharon Cooper, Head of Year 11,
Ysgol Rhiwabon, Wrexham
Very entertaining and instructive. The pitch was right and did not come across as, “teaching Grandma to suck eggs”. Role play was useful but the reminders in the booklet regarding them was most beneficial. We will use these strategies in my department.
Mathew Robinson, Curriculum Leader Science,
Ysgol Rhiwabon, Wrexham
The session today taught me that the way I do and do not communicate is all about my confidence or lack of it on occasion. A motivating session. Thank you.
David Brown, Teaching Assistant,
Ysgol Rhiwabon, Wrexham
A fun workshop with lots of ideas and reminders. Nice not to be ’death by Powerpoint’.
Liz Thomas, ICT Teacher,
Ysgol Rhiwabon, Wrexham
Really great experience for the students to develop their confidence and oracy skills. I liked the transition tasks as they allowed students to develop new friendships. The trainer was very understanding and met the needs of the learners.
Natalie Crandon, Head of Year 7,
Heolddu Comprehensive School
The presentation was clear and very easy for the students to follow and engage with. The message received and tips provided were fantastic and perfect to prepare students for the future
Elis Benham, Teacher,
Ysgol Llanhari
Wonderful training: brilliant content and delivery. Pupils engaged and gained confidence from participation. I’ve learnt some new skills as well!
Sarah Davies, English Teacher,
The Maelor School
All pupils were engaged and enjoyed the session. They all contributed in the friendly atmosphere created. A positive atmosphere from the beginning of the workshop
Helen Lougher, Head of Geography,
Ysgol Llanhari
Fantastic! Subjects covered were really relevant and helpful. The trainer dealt with the students really well. The majority of the class really benefited from the training and doing their talks.
Gabby Jones, Cover Supervisor,
The Maelor School
It was fantastic to see the students gain confidence during the training. The chance to practise some of the skills at length was valuable
Christopher Ditchburn, Deputy Head of House,
Alun School
Absolutely superb. Pitched perfectly for Year 9 with loads of valuable speaking and listening skills addressed. A lot of practical techniques were relevant to GCSE English Language. It was brilliant!
Mark Griffiths, Teacher,
St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican High School
Engaging and pacey delivery which the students loved. The friendly demeanour of the trainer helped them relax and encouraged them to participate,
Carole Sparks Head of English,
St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican High School
An engaging trainer and an enjoyable day. Pleasing results from many of the students. A useful experience for all
English Teacher,
Afon Taf High School
Really motivational, engaging and inclusive. All pupils were fully engaged. Learned a lot of specific information and techniques and, most importantly, made clear and noticeable progress with spoken confidence and skills
Gabrielle Samuels, English Teacher,
St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican High School
Excellent throughout. Students were engaged and really developed over the day. Those who are usually quiet were amazing!
Conor Jones, English Teacher,
Alun School
We had experienced the impact of their Talk the Talk programme with our Year 10 pupils, where feedback suggested a greater confidence in the pupils and a real sense of achievement, which was an invaluable platform from which to prepare for Individual Oracy Assessments in GCSE Language. We wanted to set the bar high with our Year 7's from the word go. We wanted the students to feel from the start that our school would empower them to achieve what they didn't feel that they could and that we would support them to fulfil their potential. We also wanted them to know that we cared about them, their transition and this important moment in their life. Finally, we wanted to place oracy in the foreground as the foundation of learning. We felt that the high quality delivery from Talk the Talk would be ideal to meet those targets. Talk About Transition didn't disappoint. Every single pupil was engaged. Every single pupil presented. Pupils walked away from school after their first day feeling empowered and full of confidence. Thank you!
Emma Coombs, Head of English,
Cardiff West Community School
All the children were able to take part in the training given. They enjoyed the work and the sound of confident children filled the room by the end of the morning.
Gerallt Jones, Headteacher,
Ysgol Tanygrisiau
Short steps to keep pupils interested. They enjoyed the ‘visual’ elements of presenting – good pointers to the children. Enthusiastic trainer. This passed on to the pupils who all participated and were able to talk in front of the class.
H.H Jones, Headteacher,
Ysgol Bro Hedd Wyn
The trainer was incredibly enthusiastic, supportive and inspiring giving the pupils a safe space to speak passionately about their subjects. The pupils were engaged and clearly improved their confidence in talking and communicating in front of others,
Kieran Mccomb, PE Teacher,
St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican High School
The session was presented with enthusiasm which filtered into the pupils’ attitude. The activities helped them to relax and build confidence to become good speakers and to perform competently in front of their peers.
Sara Ellis, KS2 teacher ,
Ysgol Bro Cynfal
Thank you for a great workshop. All the children participated and enjoyed all the activities. New skills were learnt in a positive, safe environment. All learners felt respected and trusted by the trainer and even the shy and reluctant speakers shone. No improvements necessary.
Manon Reid Jones, Year 5 teacher,
Ysgol Maenofferen
The training was very professional. The nervous pupils developed social skills to participate confidently. I could see the improvement during the 2.5hr session. No improvements needed.
Meinona Diamad, Classroom Assistant,
Ysgol Manod
Excellent trainers today. The pupils were engaged and all enjoyed all aspects of the training.
English Teacher,
Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen
Excellent presentation. To see the pupils who were so nervous and self-conscious becoming far more confident within three hours has been a revelation!
English Teacher,
Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen
The training was really valuable. I could see improvements in the confidence of the pupils as the morning progressed. The pupils enjoyed it as did the staff.
Emily Tiryaki,
Castell Alun School
Everything was great today. Both trainers were fantastic and the students and staff loved the sessions. Can you thank them again from us all. We look forward to more workshops in the future.
Rob Chesters, Director for Learning for Care, Support and Guidance,
Ysgol Treffynnon
Very well organised. Interesting and engaging session. Pupils have enjoyed it.
Rebecca Wood, Head of Year 7,
Prestatyn High School
Excellent session. The Trainer engaged our pupils in a personable and highly effective manner. Enjoyable and useful in equal measure. Our pupils visibly grew in confidence as the session progressed!
Huw Williams, Head of English ,
Ysgol Henry Richard
The training was engaging and inspirational. The pupils were developing skills confidently and effectively throughout. The trainer had a warm approach and was able to get the best out of the students.
Rebecca Bailey, SMT & Head of English,
Gwernyfed High School
Absolutely incredible session. Very informative and purposeful for the students. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and the day was very well organised. I would definitely recommend for next year!
Kristy Hopkins, Teacher,
Islwyn High School
A friendly and positive atmosphere. Pupils seemed confident and it was lovely to see them speaking without notes
Ysgol Bro Pedr,
Lowri Tomlin, Head of English
Friendly trainers who put the pupils at ease throughout. An informative session with helpful tips when public speaking. Pupils seemed to enjoy the sessions and and were happy to take part,
Awel M Davies, Phase 3 Learning Coach,
Ysgol Bro Idris
Lots of great ideas for structuring transactional tasks. Effective for encouraging confidence when speaking in front of others.
Naomi Edwards, Senior Teacher,
Ysgol Bro Pedr
A very interesting workshop today. It was broken down so easier for pupils to understand. They definitely learnt a lot,
Carys Davies, Governor,
Ysgol Bro Pedr
It was clear to see how the confidence of even the most anxious pupils grew throughout both days The fact that the trainer was so engaging, supportive and didn’t let any pupil get away with doing nothing really helped.
Nita Rice, SEREN co-ordinator,
Porth Community School
As good as ever! This is a really worthwhile day and it is always encouraging to see such enthusiasm from the staff and the pupils involved. Life affirming stuff!
Rhian Thomas, English Teacher,
Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron
This trainer has delivered a wonderful session today. Her enthusiasm and passion for these skills was infectious. She ensured each student and contribution felt valued. She differentiated to suit the ability level of the group, so that the workshop catered for everyone
Ailsa Snow, English Teacher,
Alun School
The trainer was excellent! The students were totally engaged and were loving the opportunity. A range of language and presentation skills were clearly delivered, Students who usually find it difficult to engage were totally on board!
Ceri Ellis, Key Stage 4 Progress leader,
Cardiff West Community High School
Superb from start to finish. Highly effective delivery – enthusiastic, encouraging and good humoured. Palpable improvement in the confidence of many students.
Gavin Macpherson, Head of English,
Pen y Dre School
Very motivational, honest and open. Pushed pupils to achieve – I saw them improve dramatically.
Bev Cousins, Head of MFL,
Whitchurch High School
Very enthusiastic and passionate trainer with a clear belief in our pupils and fostering a growth mindset.
Rachel Leonard, English and Drama Teacher,
Whitchurch High School
The training students received today was fantastic! The progress made by all students over the course of the day was evident. The trainer tailored the course for the students and their needs. As a result, every student achieved.
Head of English ,
Maelor School
Engaging activities, an inspiring and motivational trainer. A brisk pace to the day. Really beneficial and enjoyable to watch.
English Teacher,
Maelor School
Very engaging and encouraging. Great pace and very constructive for the students.
Head of English,
Ysgol Bro Idris
All students joined in and tried hard to use all the tips and techniques to deliver their presentations well. I was very impressed.
English Teacher,
Ysgol Treffynnon
A brilliant day where everyone progressed and everyone participated. A perfect balance of games and structure
Angharad Evans, KS3 Subject Lead,
Castel Alun High School
I thought the training was very good. I believe our pupils got so much more from it than I even anticipated they would! Great use of humour and not letting anyone ‘back out’ – Very impressed!
Head of English & Literacy,
Ysgol Treffynnon
Excellent delivery. Really good rapport with the students. Great planning
English department,
Alun School
Very inventive and impactful. Trainer was calm and confident with the pupils and offered lots of praise.
English Teacher,
Castell Alun High School
Entertaining – Educational – Enjoyable! A well-rounded day of games and activities with great results. Students responded well and developed speaking skills with aplomb!
Philip Sage, L.S.A.,
Radyr Comprehensive School
Absolutely inspiring! The trainer took these students out of their comfort zones which is where the success happened
Literacy Coordinator,
Castell Alun High School
I am thrilled to pieces that you encouraged some very reticent but able pupils to talk in front of the class. The confidence you instilled in some of my students today was staggering. Pupils who won’t speak in class delivered a presentation and left the classroom with a smile on their faces and a spring in their step!
Claire Cluroe, Head of English,
Queen Elizabeth High School
Evident improvement in most pupils with their group discussions.
Kate Trevor, Head of English,
Ysgol Bryn Alyn
Students excelled in being more confident in situations outside of their comfort zones. They overcame their fears and personal barriers; improving confidence and self-belief.
Gareth Kinnear, Pastoral Support KS3,
Elfed High School
The course was excellent. The trainer made it both exciting and comfortable at the same time and got all the learners involved. Just what is needed as an insight for the pupils' futures.
Kerry Roberts, Assistant Pastoral Lead,
Connahs Quay High School
The trainer was excellent! The sessions were delivered with enthusiasm and passion. He engaged positively and humorously with the young people. Feedback was delivered honestly and positively using personal stories. I am sure the young people will have taken away loads of positives from the sessions.
Jeanette Lloyd, Learning Coach,
St Joseph’s Catholic/Anglican High School
Very useful. Students gained a tremendous amount out of the day. It was great to see some of those lacking confidence giving it a go. All students are certainly more prepared for interview as a result. Thank you!
Marie Downing, Psychology Teacher,
Tonyrefail School
Absolutely brilliant – great rapport with the students, strong presence, very confident. The session was extremely valuable to our pupils facing future option decisions – all involved were keen and confidence grew quickly thanks to the trainer.
Sarah Woodvine, LNF coordinator,
Ysgol Treffynnon