Testimonials - South West

Read our latest testimonials from schools and academic bodies based in the South West. We have readily-available reviews about our workshops from schools right across the country.

It was an absolute pleasure visiting the groups and seeing everyone participating and presenting to one another in the space of a couple of hours. Even SEND students who we were not expecting to be able to access mainstream lessons took part fully, which was lovely. It was a new experience for all concerned because of the need to adapt some of the activities to make them Covid-safe, but I was impressed by how quickly your trainers adapted to the situation.

Having had experience of the Talk About Transition programme in previous years, I know that the activities enable students to get to know each other very quickly and teachers to get to know their tutor group very quickly. One of the biggest benefits is the increase in confidence of students that can be seen in just half a day. Students that arrive looking quite anxious – and there were more of those this year – leave with big smiles on their faces.
Sherryl Bareham, Headteacher,
Dorcan Academy, Swindon
Great adaptations to make the session effective with Covid-friendly exercises to develop public speaking, confidence and resilience.
Sam Williams, Head of Year 7,
Oak Academy, Bournemouth
Year 7s were equipped to give very clear and confident presentations, and to organise themselves in groups within minutes. I loved the tips given on body language. I liked that students were encouraged to try clubs and activities. Students who were shy in lessons were much more expressive in Talk The Talk.
Aku Dempsey, Science Teacher,
Swindon Academy
Considering the mix of abilities and personalities all students worked hard and were very engaged. All saw an improvement and took something out of the session.
S. Bird, Year 7 Pastoral,
Lydiard Park Academy
Excellent introduction and confidence building activities that enabled students to feel more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. It was possible to see students ‘grow’ in the session.
Chris Holder, Year 7 tutor,
Cleeve School
Today has clearly been enjoyable and inspirational for all students in these sessions. The trainer built great relationships with all students ensuring that they felt safe and comfortable to express themselves. They loved it. A great outcome for all. Timing and workbooks great.
Emma Farrell, English Teacher,
Stoke Damerel College
Superb interaction with students. Low confidence students able to work at their own pace. Students enjoyed and gained so much from the day.
Andrew Mead, Headteacher,
Lytchett Minster School
Thank you to the trainers. They were highly professional, encouraging and effective in their coaching. I look forward to working with Talk The Talk again.
Tracy Harris, Headteacher,
Parkstone Grammar School
Fantastic interaction with students – especially the tricky ones. More of these sessions please!
Liz Jones, Head of Chemistry,
The Bourne Academy
Inspiring for students of all abilities; the more and less able are equally keen to get involved. They are all developing skills which will last a lifetime.
Jim Attridge, Grammar Stream Co-ordinator,
Glenmoor and Winton Academies
The training was perfectly pitched for the age of our students and it enabled all students to progress significantly with their ability to construct and present to an audience effectively. Everyone from the most confident through to the most anxious absolutely thrived.
Russ Carr, Deputy Grammar Stream Lead,
Glenmoor and Winton Academies
Students made great progress with their confidence. It was lovely to see the smiling faces (and surprise in some cases) as they finished their speeches to rapturous applause.
R Baxter, Geography Teacher,
The Gryphon School, Dorset
Fantastic day. It was great to see the girls so engaged. The trainer made the girls feel very secure. In the days and weeks following Talk The Talk workshops I was impressed with the buzz and positivity from the teachers and students.
Deirdre McMahon, Head of Business and Enterprise,
Devonport High School for Girls
The training was really well pitched and the trainer was charismatic and engaging. All students learnt something about presentation skills and felt empowered enough to have a go.
Jess Huzzey, Senior Teacher,
Bristol Free School
The students responded well to the Talk The Talk training. By the end of the session the girls were working independently and taking control of their speech topics. The day was a success and this was very much down to the trainer being as flexible and dynamic with the delivery as he was.
Charlotte Blackwood, Head of English,
Barnwood Park Arts College
Really high expectation for all pupils to get involved. Pupils were helped to grow in confidence during the session.
Sarah Murray, Lead Practitioner of English,
Holmleigh Park High School
The training has energised the class and enabled every student to try something new, even if they were afraid. This trainer has been so positive and engaging. I believe every student has gained new skills and confidence.
Claire Lyons, Teacher,
Devonport High School for Boys
Excellent opportunity for students to practise key skills developed consistently throughout the day. Training was enjoyable and the group made great strides throughout the day. The delivery of the training engaged all students – a brilliant day. A perfect challenge that the group really enjoyed.
Sean Bailey, Head of KS4,
Marling School
Well-structured. Excellent resources. A tricky group who were won around – nothing phased the trainer!
Sophie Rutty, Head of English,
Nailsea School
I think the training was comprehensive but easily accessed by students by all students. It was delivered confidently in a manner that students found appealing and engaging. The workshop definitely provided a fantastic basis for students to build upon for their speaking assessment.
Daniel Pearce, English Teacher,
Holmleigh Park High School
Excellent energy and excellent communication skills. Approachable trainer with a good knowledge of the students in the room. I booked Talk The Talk because in a modern world our students are disconnected and lack the confidence for personal interactions especially with their teachers, future employers and UCAS interviews. It was important that our students were given the opportunity to break away from a screen and gain more confident communication skills.
Samantha Collings, Leader of Post 16,
Coombe Dean School
High energy. Positive and encouraging. All students participated with confidence and consideration. They conducted the mock interviews really well and showed good progress.
Katy Weir, Science Teacher,
Coombe Dean School
A great session. The confidence of the students has grown significantly. Students who were very fearful gave this a good go.
Javinia Harris, Head of English,
Holmleigh Park High School
Fantastic! The trainer was outstanding throughout the day. Working on making our students understand that they have lots to offer employers. At our school we are trying to change the culture in this respect and Talk The Talk has helped this to happen.
Robert Muranda, CEIAG Lead,
Abbeywood Community School
It was really fabulous! The students engaged and there was a great buzz in the room. I feel it has prepared our students well for interviews and university.
Sarah Traynor, 2nd Post 16,
Abbeywood Community School
Very well-structured. Encouraging – the students responded well. Positive advice and tips were useful, relevant and constructive. I felt the students got a lot out of it and benefited immensely.
Chris Thomson, Deputy Head of 6th Form,
Tewkesbury School
I am so impressed with the progress that the group have made – the confidence that has been instilled in them through the trainer’s efforts is of great value. Thank you.
Serah Whatley, Literacy Lead,
Dorcan Academy
Students went home buzzing at the end of their first day at school. Two of our Year 7 students gave speeches to parents on the back of the Talk About Transition workshop and one of them used no notes and was amazing. We have booked the sessions again for next year.
Sherryl Bareham, Headteacher,
Dorcan Academy
The trainer was very enthusiastic and energetic. She was great at bringing the pupils out of their shells and instilling confidence in themselves and their presenting abilities. A very good session that they clearly enjoyed. I was very impressed.
A Pearce, Teacher of Global Learning,
Dorcan Academy
The CPD for staff was excellent and kick started our focus on oracy perfectly. Staff were able to start using the techniques immediately and there have been numerous examples of them being used in a wide range of subjects.
Sherryl Bareham, Headteacher,
Dorcan Academy