Testimonials - South East

Read our latest testimonials from schools and academic bodies based in the South East. We have readily-available reviews about our workshops from schools right across the country.

Excellent! The trainer was lovely and engaging. She had a tough group full of SEN students and she had them all hooked and working well.
Victoria Wilson, 2nd in English,
Holmer Green Senior School
All the students were engaged with this training. You could clearly see their confidence improve as the session progressed. I feel this will feed into all of their lessons and assist in all areas of communication.
Chris Ferrin, Assistant RSL Year 10,
Langley Academy
The trainer delivered a brilliant session today. These students started off quite shy, but throughout the workshop his confident and lovely persona with them made all our students feel at ease and confident. This was a really well delivered, structured and informative workshop.
Miss Georgina Adby, Cover Teacher,
Burnham Grammar School
Good enthusiasm from the trainer. The pace appeared to be right. At this time it is really important to develop oral confidence.
Giles Whittaker, Assistant Headteacher,
Herschel Grammar School, Slough
Very thorough and engaging. All students got a lot out of the session and you could see their confidence increase. The trainer was very informative, knowledgeable, fun and interactive with the class always giving feedback to help them improve I would definitely recommend.
Amelia Knibbs, Deputy Head of PE,
Burnham Grammar School
Really well presented. The trainer was both enthusiastic and engaging. She spoke well and the students gained a lot from the session.
Spencer James, Deputy House Leader,
Kennet School
Good interaction. Lively activities. Class engaged throughout workshop. Good pace. All girls willing to participate. Good group work. Good clear instructions. Girls were more confident speakers by the end of the workshop.
Baylis Court School
Talk the Talk provided a workshop that was hugely beneficial to our students at UTC Reading. The atmosphere on the day was relaxed and allowed our students to work outside of their comfort zone and improve their communication skills across a variety of topics, and in a really engaging way. The final presentations given by students were brilliant and showed just how confident our students were at the end of the day. The stand out moment for us is when a student who has anxiety about speaking in public, stood up in front of a group of 25 peers and spoke clearly and confidently – a brilliant achievement. We would recommend the workshop for all age groups as the transferable skills gained in the session can be used across the whole curriculum.
Joanne Harper, Principal,
UTC Reading
Fantastic. Highly engaging. Well-structured and perfectly pitched at our girls’ ability level. Lots of enthusiasm. Very impressive subject knowledge.
Kate Brown, Assistant Headteacher,
Dr Challoner’s High School for Girls
Excellent day – pupils got lots of tips and confidence from the training. Really enjoyable and worthwhile.
Carol Stevens, Head of English,
Chesham Grammar School
Excellent. I could see the students changing throughout the day. As I teach this group I knew that listening skills would be an issue but the trainer took this on board and made this much more of a focus. I loved the whole interactive approach. In the words of one student who had said to me at the beginning of the day that they were confident in primary school but had lost it, they said they now had it back. A successful day!
English Department,
Medina College
The pupils and I really enjoyed the day. The pupils really liked the trainer’s approach and style, which I also felt was purposeful and goal-driven (I really liked that she established the expectation early on that everyone would 'present' in some form during the day), whilst being very supportive. She was excellent at giving constructive feedback which pupils can easily work from in a lesson context going forward.
Bhavini Goldman, Head of English,
Upper Shirley High School
Last week, a student in my Year 7 group wouldn't do her Speaking & Listening assessment to the group and ended up in tears, so did it to me at lunch. She arrived today and asked if following her work in yesterday’s workshop she could redo her presentation to those of the group who were present. She did brilliantly- still ended up in tears but she told me these were tears of happiness!
English Teacher,
The Littlehampton Academy
Really wonderful engagement of students and met their oracy skills needs. A positive atmosphere for all to share.
Rosalind Tingle, Transition Leader/English Teacher,
The Littlehampton Academy
The content was brilliant – built up throughout the day to build confident communication skills in public speaking, culminating in individual presentations. The trainer was excellent and modelled everything being taught. He had an excellent connection with the students helping 100% of students to present – they felt safe doing so and more confident. Thank you!
Debbie Lackey, Year 10 Tutor,
Langtree School
I really appreciated the change in confidence in the students from the start of the day to the end.
Grace Young, Assistant Head of English,
Herschel Grammar School
A well-focussed day for our pupils who were engaged and supported each other. They achieved well and gained in self-confidence.
Louise Evans, Head of English,
Herschel Grammar School
Students were given the tools to be great presenters. There was high participation. The trainer was really positive, building the students’ confidence massively. Great stuff. We need this for 6th form students as well!
Economics Teacher,
Herschel Grammar School, Slough
A fantastic experience for all students involved. Really motivational for all abilities and levels of confidence. Incredibly valuable for all subjects, not just English. Brilliant. I only wish all students could benefit from the experience!
Sally Conneley, Assistant Head,
Little Heath School
A very engaging session. The girls responded very well. Every student had a chance to speak, providing the quieter students with confidence. Excellent interview advice with students clearly learning a lot during the session.
Wycombe High School for Girls,
Kathryn Egerton, Geography Teacher
I thought the day was excellently organised and resourced throughout. The trainer was inspiring and consistently modelled really high level oracy to the girls. All girls were able to access the training in some way.
Lara Klinpikuln, Teacher of English,
Didcot Girls’ School
Very lively, animated and engaging. Pupils really enjoyed the day.
Helen Bolton, Head of English,
Springfield School
Fantastic trainer – really engaged a difficult group and it was lovely seeing the confidence of the students grow.
Carrie Nuamah, Head of English,
Wheatley Park School
The workshops provided a valuable opportunity for our students to develop their confidence and skills in public speaking. The trainers related very well to our students, quickly generating rapport and brought the best out of them. The activities and techniques were carefully planned and executed. The students grew in confidence during the day and saw the value of the programme.
David Harding, Deputy Headteacher,
Langley Grammar School
Well-structured workshops. Students were engaged despite their low ability and/or low confidence starting point. The trainers were supportive and encouraging of all students and incredibly approachable throughout. They were especially effective at managing the more anxious students and those with ‘more character’. Great pace and range of activities.
Jake Clarke, English Teacher,
Oriel High School, West Sussex
My class and I really enjoyed the day. It was an emotional rollercoaster and I was so pleased with the progress that all of my pupils made, but the impact on the quieter students was immense. The trainer was fabulous and really encouraged and praised all pupils. I also moved around all 10 classes and was very pleased. I really cannot think of any improvements.
Ali Reeves, Head of English ,
Cams Hill School
Highly personable and very engaging with the students. Controls and leads all sessions and debates very well, taking care to include everyone. Great focus on respect and inclusivity. Builds rigor into the sessions whilst keeping them relatable and enjoyable.
Edward Clayton, Form Tutor,
Dr Challoner’s Grammar School
A very good structure to the day. Engaging delivery booklets and activities overall. Friendly, approachable trainers with good classroom control and delivery.
Sarah Towers, Head of English,
Holmer Green Senior School
The trainer was very engaging with all of our students; He was extremely resourceful, professional and approachable. He built rapport very quickly and made ‘employability’ fun. We could not have asked for a better facilitator. You could see their employability skills develop over the day. I really enjoyed being a part of the workshop as well.
Angela Kountouroudas, Student Engagement Officer,
Highbury College, Portsmouth
I am always impressed by the quality of training delivered by Talk The Talk trainers. I was particularly impressed by the wider messages about taking risks and embracing learning opportunities.
Kate Brown, Assistant Headteacher,
Dr Challoner’s High School
Wow! What a fantastic day. My students looked at what they are good at and where they want to go. Really insightful for me as their mentor. Follow up visits please. Thank you.
T Hopkins, Lead Teacher,
Park Community School
We have explored oracy training before thanks to informal volunteers. However, it is clear that the well-led expert training offered here was well worth it, with a clearly well-devised and well refined format. The 50% Four Acre Trust funding was instrumental in our initial booking of this opportunity, thank you.
David Dwight, Head of 6th Form,
The Misbourne School
The trainers delivered enthusiastically a range of extremely useful activities for our new Year 12 students. The training was well-suited to the students - lots of relevant skills supported with great real-life examples – generating a real buzz in the room!
Dee Fanchi, Head of Sixth Form,
John Colet School
Brilliant! The trainer was so enthusiastic and full of energy. Even the most unlikely (shy) students got involved, and although some didn’t stand and present in front of the whole group they did engage with the activities. Areas of discussion were relevant and really helped.
Stephanie Rackett, Teacher of English,
Medina College
Excellent engagement of students and outstanding rapport built up with them across two days. Real presence and excellent demeanour with students. Real progress evident in students’ learning.
Richard Gledhill, Careers Lead and Assistant Director of Sixth Form,
Dr Challoner’s Grammar School
Very useful and relevant for students to be practising skills, rather than ‘told’ them. Can apply their experiences/stories and prepare for interviews. This worked very well.
Stephanie Mitchell, Director of Industry Relations,
UTC Reading