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Talk The Talk Teacher CPD – Delivered for St John’s College Access and Outreach at Oxford University on 15th March 2024.

Reflections on the experience with Talk The Talk by Katie Inwood, School Partnership Coordinator – Inspire Scholars 9, 10 & 11 Programme Lead, St John’s College Access and Outreach team.

The Inspire Scholars Programme Year 9, 10 & 11, an access and outreach programme run by St John’s College, has consistently offered opportunities for teacher development. Central to the programme are the after-school club classes, which delve into topics beyond the curriculum through creative approaches and include opportunities for meaningful discussions and debates. 

However, we identified a gap in our support toolbox for teachers to facilitate these sessions effectively. During our outreach visits to access schools, we also encountered numerous students with brilliant ideas yet lacking the confidence to articulate them.

With this in mind, I sought an organisation that could help build teachers’ and students’ confidence and provide them with useful strategies to promote oracy. Upon reaching out to Mark Farmer, Talk The Talk’s director, we were met with genuine enthusiasm to understand the nuances of our Access work and the unique challenges our Inspire Programme participants face. Mark engaged in insightful discussions and outlined a half-day workshop tailored to our requirements.

Subsequent consultations with Joe Rowntree, our designated workshop trainer, further solidified our objectives and ensured a bespoke session that seamlessly integrated with our programme’s resources. 

On the day of the conference, Joe’s dedication was palpable as he not only conducted our workshop, but also actively participated in other CPD sessions, weaving together the day’s overarching themes. The first half of the workshop focused on physiological responses to public speaking and strategies to overcome this. We engaged in a range of fun activities that brought a smile to everyone’s face and helped to break the ice between the attendees, many of whom were new to the programme. 

The second half, linked to the Inspire Programme, focused on group discussion strategies and equipped teachers with practical tools like the PEEEP method, which they enthusiastically applied to the Inspire Scholars resources. 

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees underscores the workshop’s impact, with numerous teachers now eager to engage Talk The Talk for student workshops. Our experience with Talk The Talk speaks volumes about their commitment to crafting tailor-made solutions and understanding the specific needs of their clients.’

You can find out more about our Teacher CPD here or get in touch to arrange a meeting with Talk The Talk to discuss your CPD objectives here

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