Education and Employers Partnership

Talk The Talk and Education and Employers Partnership

Our schools are always looking for new and innovative ways to inspire and motive their students. That’s why we are delighted to partner with the charity Education and Employers – and make you aware of their incredible (and free!) Inspiring The Future programme. Inspiring The Future gives every young person in state education the opportunity to be inspired and motivated by real people doing interesting jobs that open their eyes to a future of possibilities.

Education and Employers do this by connecting schools with volunteers quickly, easily and for free through their national online matchmaking platform. They work with thousands of employers to ensure that their pool of volunteers is diverse, engaged and represents every sector and type of job – from app designer to zoologist, apprentice to CEO. And with their new virtual interactive sessions schools can connect to thousands of volunteers right across the UK as well as those local to them.

You will be able to utilise volunteers from Inspiring The Future to support and complement the Talk The Talk workshops that have been delivered in your school and bring to life the oracy skills your students have developed. Registered schools have access to a range of resources and guides designed to help create meaningful activities meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks, including easy to use templates and advice from other schools on hosting virtual events.

Register your school for Inspiring the Future.

Their research has shown that encounters with volunteers from the world of work can reduce the chance of students becoming NEET and their latest report, Motivated to achieve, shows that three or more career talks can have a positive impact on student attainment with those less engaged or with low academic attainment benefitting the most.


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