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50% Funded Oracy Workshops 
August 2021

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Talk About Transition:

Years 6-7

Prepare your students for secondary school and establish high oracy expectations.

Talk About Communication:

Years 7-13

Prepare your students to deliver structured individual presentations for school, exams and the workplace.

Talk About The Future:

Years 11-13

Prepare your students for the next stage of education, employment or training with confidence and a positive mindset.




Talk The Talk face to face in-school workshops delivered by experienced trainers


• A high energy, engaging and enjoyable education experience

• 1:30 trainer to student ratio to ensure suitable support, stretch and challenge

• Experienced at delivering in-person within school Covid-19 guidelines


• Used by 10% of secondary schools in England & Wales in 2018-19


• Supporting the National Curriculum for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5


• Fulfilling OFSTED related outcomes and the Gatsby Benchmarks framework




The evidence points very persuasively to a highly successful intervention…helping to increase their skills and confidence.

Professor John MacBeath – University of Cambridge